Nigerian Dwarf goats

How did I get into goats? Funny you ask...

Growing up, I don't even remember petting a goat! I have always had the mentality that I would love goats but growing up in the suburbs did not give me the option to have them. I pursued a nursing career, met my husband, we bought a farm and the rest.. well.. it's all about goats, of course! When my husband and I bought our first goats in March 2018, we discovered just how much we truly love them! We had no desire to breed them until one day we heard a funny noise coming from the goat barn... SURPRISE!! Two healthy kids... who brought these cuties here?! (Kidding of course!) We had no idea that three out of four of our does were bred! This is when I started looking into registered goats & discovering the complexity of goat conformation & what to look for! WOW, it's A LOT to know! Especially learning how to keep them healthy & what to do in case they're ever under the weather. I don't think a day goes by without learning something new about these little guys, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!

About our herd

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are registered with the ADGA. They are very friendly, love attention and expect TLC as well as plenty of scratches! The entire herd was last tested in October 2019 for CAE & Johne's with all negative results. None have shown signs of abscesses. Every day, the herd has access to free choice loose mineral, powdered kelp, baking soda & during select times of the year, a mineral lick tub. When we feed grain, we give them a goat starter for the higher protein content as well as the added ammonium chloride for urinary health. Our goats also receive a mix of meadow grass hay as well as alfalfa hay. We vaccinate with CD&T annually, which is approximately one month prior to kidding. These ladies & gents are well taken care of and WOW are they extremely fussy eaters! I am sure you have heard of the phrase 'goats will eat anything', right? Totally incorrect.. goats will TASTE everything, but they will not actually eat everything!

In spring 2020, I start DHIA milk testing and showing our ladies! (It should be a fun learning curve being I was never in 4H!) We will  continue with Linear Appraisal annually. Summer 2019 was my first LA! Most of my goats were dry or in process of being dried up due to my late entry. I am just happy I got to experience LA and know I want to continue participating in it. My passion is goats!

If you are interested in spring kids, click on our kidding schedule at the top.

All photos are mine, unless they're credited to another farm. If you'd like to use any of my pictures, you'd need to ask permission. 

Thank you!!

UPDATE: Spring 2020, we are building a new goat barn. Follow my facebook farm page for progress & updates!